MySQL Usage Expected To Drop Following Oracle Acquisition

mysql.jpegOpen-source users will be a bit less inclined to use MySQL following Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

The news comes from a report by the 451 Group, which surveyed people in the open-source community about the issues surrounding the acquisition.


The 451 Group surveyed 347 people. Of those, 82.1% now use MYSQL. By 2011, 78.7% of respondents expect to use MySQL. The total will decline to 72.3% by 2014.

The Oracle acquisition has a part to play in that decline. 15% of open-source users and 14.4 % of current MySQL users said they would be less likely to use MySQL if it is acquired by Oracle.

The news is not all that dire. The majority – 57.9% of all users and 63.9% of MySQL users – indicated that they would continue to use MySQL where appropriate.

On the flip side, Oracle Database usage is expected to rise from 19.3% today to 19.6% in 2011 and 21.6% in 2014.

About 32% of respondents said they would prefer that MySQL be turned over to a foundation. But only 4 percent said that they would want Oracle to sell MySQL to another software company.

But there may be more trouble ahead. European authorities have particular concern about the future of MySQL under Oracle ownership and have it under review.

More about the report is available on the 451 Group’s web site.




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