Was Scripting News really born on April 1?

A picture named joker.gifRudolf Ammann went to the trouble to figure out that April 1, 1997 is not actually the day a blog first appeared on the home page of scripting.com.

As he says, the real beginning of Scripting News is on February 19 of that year. And if you want to really have fun with it, Scripting News began a year before that with Frontier News (which I restarted earlier this year, 2010).

If you really want to mess with your mind, you’d have to go back to October 7, 1994 — the day I started writing on the net — when DaveNet started because that’s also the beginning of Scripting News. The archive of that site was reverse chronologic, and in every way that matters, was a blog. When Scripting News got started, DaveNet were the long form pieces, otherwise my idea of a blog was a collection of short snips with a link, very much like what we do on Twitter today. DaveNet was more like what we think of as a blog.

I choose April 1 as the beginning of Scripting News because that’s the day the archive begins.


13 years! That’s a lot of bloggin. smile




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