NYC Hackathon at NYU, Apr 2-3

A picture named ipad.gifHype-wise, Apple pretty much owns this weekend. Even though I swore I would sit this one out, I broke down and bought an iPad, scheduled to arrive on Saturday.

But before that, starting on Friday night at Courant Hall on the NYU campus, there’s the NYC Hackathon. As I understand it, the goal is to get students from New York-area universities to meet New York-area startups, who will pitch their APIs, hoping to attract interesting overnight projects from the students, and longer-term interest once they enter the workforce.

I’ll be there on Friday evening as an “ambassador" — trying to help the students and entrepreneurs connect. I can be useful during the ideation stage, but I might try working on a project myself.

There’s also an iPad party on Saturday night at Gawker, which I plan to make a stop at. It’s all in the neighborhood! smile

The hackathon is a project of Chris Wiggins of Columbia, Hilary Mason of Johnson & Wales University, a member of NYC Resistor, and the lead scientist at (a NYC startup); and Evan Korth of NYU. I’ve met both Chris and Evan and look forward to meeting Hilary.

And if you’re in the area, with either an API or some undirected programming energy, maybe I’ll see you at the Hackathon.



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