Liveblogging from the Hackathon

Each of the companies is explaining what you can do with their APIs.

First presenter is from Foursquare.

I’m using my MacBook to do this with the screen turned way down. I’m not plugged into power, so we’ll see how long my battery charge lasts.

The Foursquare guy clearly did not rehearse his demo. (It started off badly but got better as he went through it.)

Here’s a Flickr set with some pictures.

Next company is Flatworld Knowledge. They publish textbooks and give them away online and you can pay $30 to get a printed copy. All books are licensed under Creative Commons. 17 books in their catalog. They just got $6 million second round funding. No API. They brought all the XML for their content. is next. I’m listening to the presentation but I don’t know what this app does. Seems like it’s a free version of Amazon S3, but they say they use S3. I don’t get it. (I used to understand it, but that was a long time ago, and I think it’s changed.)

Now there are some people from the NY Times. “We have a newspaper and a website, check it out." Hehe. Derek Gottfried is doing the presentation being very humorous. Someone is “no longer with us." How did he die? He moved on.

Snooth is a wine database. It has an API at

VoteReports is up. “Rational Ignorance."



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