House-cleaning in Berkeley

I’m in Berkeley preparing either to rent or sell my house. Either way, I’m going through lots of boxes and closets. Lots of stuff that hasn’t been looked at since the last move. Some stuff that hasn’t been looked at for 30 years.

I’m moving from a large house to a one-bedroom NY apartment. The apartment is already furnished, and while it isn’t cluttered yet, it will be soon. I won’t be bringing very much from this house into the new one.

Now I have a similar problem to the one we had with Uncle Arno’s books. I have notes and floppy disks, Syquest drives, products — physical manifestations of a career’s worth of work, a career that is still going on. I’m probably going to find a small storage space here in Calif, closet-sized, to hold this stuff. I have no place to move it to in NY.

But even better would be to donate it to a university that is interested in this stuff. Not sure anyone is. But I put that out to the universe to see what might come back. I’ve got the boxes, they’re not all in great shape, but they need to be somewhere.



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