My move to NY

I’m following Bruce Sterling’s excellent advice to make the changes you’ve been wanting to make when circumstances permit. Usually it’s the end of a marriage, the last child leaving home, a parent dying. It’s a long story how I decided to become a former home-owner, yet again (second time). But then again it was not such a long story.

Reminds me of one a neighbor told me when she called my house in Woodside many years ago. She said hello and then said she was calling all the neighbors to say she was getting some baby goats (might have been sheep my memory is bad) and that they’d be crying for the first few nights because they had just been separated from their mother. It was nothing to worry about and it would stop and they’d be happy soon.

I couldn’t think of anything to say but “Why get goats?" She said it was because she always wanted them.

Same thing for me. I always wanted to live in Manhattan. It’s been a dream since I was a little boy growing up in Queens. Now I’ve done it, so it’s time to fully implement it. Will I be in NY for the rest of my life? Who knows. Life is an adventure. Here we go! smile



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