SugarCRM: Speed, Search and the Data Deluge

Thumbnail image for SugarCRM_logo.gifSugar CRM is launching a new user interface as part of Sugar 6. It comes with a focus on what is becoming a prerequisite: an emphasis on speed, search and deeper integration with third party applications and mobile devices.

The speed issue is one that SaaS providers always seek to mitigate as they want the service to seem as responsive as if it were worked on the desktop.


To do this, Sugar CRM is providing a revamped set up that when completed is supposed to be optimized for speed and designed for the experience that comes with using a social network.


It includes a new, global search, another effort to optimize the experience for the end user. Search is becoming increasingly critical as more data is available for integration with third party apps. Sugar CRM will strengthen its search with an open-source engine such as Lucene.


SugarCRM is paying close attention to the user experience, knowing it is a key to acceptance among users of CRM environments.

SugarCRM also includes native application support for the iPhone Android and the Blackberry. The company has also introduced a native app for the iPad.

Sugar on the iPad.png

Application integration is the hallmark of the emerging social CRM application. SugarCRM fits with LinkedIn, Hoovers and Jigsaw through its Cloud Connectors service, which connects third-party data service. SugarCRM also works with Sugar Plug-Ins for Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel.

But can’t this all become a bit overwhelming? All this data flowing into one CRM environment means that the customer needs to think carefully how to organize, discover and share what comes into the network.

That’s why it makes sense that a search and potentially analytics component will become standards for services like SugarCRM. It’s also why SugarCRM has a certain advantage. Open-source platforms will thrive in the data deluge to come. Third-party services become critical as components that make sense of internal and external information.

It’s just a matter of how those applications are applied so customers can get relevant information that they need for the opportunity at hand.




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