SnapLogic Opens Store For Third Party App Integration

snaplogic_logo.gifSnapLogic has launched its “snap" store – a service that uses a RESTful architecture to integrate third-party applications into enterprise environments.

A RESTful architecture allows companies to leverage light weight, web oriented architectures to bring data in from any source.


SnapLogic calls its service a data flow to build services with information from the Web and SaaS applications. The snaps may be used for the desktop, a public or private cloud.

The SnapLogic Store consists of a network of applications that “snap," into an enterprise without the need for custom integration.

It’s designed to serve the people who traditionally have had to code by hand. It acts as a reusable framework.

Developers with particular forms of expertise can build custom applications that are certified by SnapLogic and offered for sale in the SnapStore. Snap developers receive 70% of the proceeds from the sale of Snaps, without having to pay an annual listing fee.




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