Hitler in the news

A picture named heWontKillThem.jpgOne of the most consistently funny memes in Internet humor are the adaptations of the final dramatic scene in the classic movie Downfall, where Hitler learns that his situation is hopeless. Because the dialog is German with English sub-titles, it has been easily adapted by comic writers to current events with hilarious results.

Now, of course Hitler was a monster — and who knows if it’s good or bad that he is turning into a joke. I’ll leave that for greater beings to decide. But it’s all very funny and it seems to me as if it’s not only completely fair use, but a fantastic promotion for the movie. Regardless, the copyright holders have filed a takedown notice, apparently, and all the Hitler humor is now gone from YouTube. Oy!

Open Video Alliance: Hitler “Downfall Meme" gets taken down.

No doubt there will be a great Hitler video reacting to this event. Can’t wait. smile

In the meantime, enjoy this video of Hitler learning that Gizmodo has the new secret iPhone.




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