Compromising with Facebook

A picture named wimpy.gifI love flow, so there’s a temptation to put a Facebook “Like" button on every Scripting News story, but I’m resisting the temptation for the same reason I never used Feedburner to host my RSS feeds. They were offering a benefit, but I didn’t want to cede all that power to them or trust them not to sell out to a big company that I don’t trust. Or (as with Facebook and Google) be a company that I don’t trust.

So perhaps there’s a compromise? Let me implement my own Like feature and have it connect up to Facebook through a feed. And let it connect up to Facebook’s competitors just as easily. I’m sure the smart guys at Facebook could figure out how to do this, perhaps they already have? I’m willing to do a little extra work to keep the web independent of any one company.



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