Exploring iGoogle and pictures

A picture named huey.gifGot an email from Don Loeb this morning with news that iGoogle now supports pictures in RSS feeds. So I thought I should check it out.

I wanted to add a photo feed. Went looking for a way to just enter the address of the feed, but instead found a page where I could create a gadget from a feed.

Add to Google

I tried clicking on it.

It worked but it didn’t do anything special with the pictures.

Changed the presentation style to Slideshow, with a very nice result.

BTW, here’s an iGoogle button for Scripting News.

Add to Google

Nice! smile

PS: It would be great if Google supported Realtime RSS. I updated my feed 30 minutes ago but the change still hasn’t been reflected in iGoogle. (I know, they want me to support their proprietary way of doing notification, I want them to do it the open way. You’ll know that Google has become a serious competitor when they take advantage of every open format and protocol in the interest of making their product work better.)




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