Bill Jordan

The business angel of my first company, Living Videotext, was a man named Bill Jordan. When he came calling I had given up on getting outside capital for the company, but he insisted on meeting, so I told David Greene, who was working with me, that he could meet with him if he wanted, but I was going to stick to writing software. I was tired of wasting my time with tire-kickers.

Bill came over, went into the back room. I kept working. After a while Greene came out with a check made out to Living Videotext, Inc for $50,000. Okay, I met with him, and together we raised several million, launched a company, etc etc.

Bill used to have fun calling me The Captain of Industry. He thought it was funny the way people in the software business are always announcing things as if they mattered. What was really funny was how the press thought we were so important. I know he did it with a lot of love, that’s why I laughed along with him. It was fun to be around him, for a lot of reasons. Mostly because our relationship got off on the right foot.

I don’t mention this for any particular reason other than I was thinking about him this morning.



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