When it should be easy to speak to a human

Twice in the last few days I’ve had this experience.

1. Bought something on a website.

2. The goods weren’t delivered.

3. There was no way to get help from the organization.

They had my money, I didn’t have what I had bought, and there was no way to get help from a human being. The FAQs on both sites were of no help, they didn’t anticipate the situation where someone had paid their money and had not received the product.

Now, I can understand why a company who is providing a free service tries to hide the contact information. After all, you didn’t pay anything, and a human being to answer your questions costs serious out-of-pocket cash. But if you paid, that excuse no longer works.

In fact, it feels like fraud to take money online without a way to correct mistakes, which are sure to happen.

I’m not saying which organizations, because I don’t want to make this about them. Eventually both made good, but in neither case was the experience satisfactory.




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